The school aims to provide a well rounded education, with the philosophy that all students should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential in a challenging, enjoyable and safe environment. Our strong values underpin all aspects of the school programs and activities.

Programs at Boisdale Consolidated School:
Visual Arts
Creativity is a unique human characteristic and fundamental for problem solving as well as emotional wellbeing. At BCS we pride ourselves at having a comprehensive Visual Arts program that aims at building confidence, skills and enjoyment whilst challenging the students individually in their artistic development. In their weekly lessons students experience a wide range of materials, techniques and processes in order to express their experiences and imagination artistically. BCS is also a member school of the Gippsland Art Gallery, enabling our students guided visits to the art gallery and incursions by their education coordinator. .

The Workshop Model is implemented in classrooms across the school during ‘Reading’ and ‘Writing’ lessons. During the workshop, teachers provide explicit instruction and opportunities for students to practise what has been taught through the gradual release of responsibility. Students will engage in a variety of different tasks during the workshop and will also participate in small group activities and conferences led by the teacher.
Spelling is taught through Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) from Grades Prep-2 and the spelling program Words their Way is utilised in Grades 3-6.
At Boisdale Consolidated, we value oral language and understand the importance that it has on student learning. Throughout the school day, students have the opportunity to collaborate with one another, prepare and give talks and participate in group discussions with peers and the teacher.

Mathematics at BCS emphasises the importance of developing mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Students are encouraged to explore Mathematics in everyday life and are supported to apply their understandings in efficient and practical ways. Students have access to a wide range of resources to support their mathematical progress in developmentally appropriate ways from Prep through to Grade 6.

Number Talks are implemented in classrooms right across the school where students are provided with an opportunity to explore the why and how of Mathematics. During these whole class discussions, teachers pose targeted questions and provide specific prompts to enable students to share their way of mathematical thinking and learn about the ways in which their peers see numbers and solve problems.

Music with Claire Martin
The music program at BCS is focused on students becoming, Tuneful, Beatful and Artful. We accomplish this by moving to the beat and exploring their voices in the younger years. As students progress through the school, lessons include tuned and untuned percussion and a more in-depth look at the musical elements and notation. In Grade Four all students have the opportunity to learn Clarinet and Flute for a term. During lunch times we offer students the chance to participate in the Choir and Marimba ensembles.

LOTE - Indonesian with Bu Fleur
Indonesia is a beautiful and diverse country and learning about it's language and culture can help unlock a world of wonder and opportunity for students. Students learn  the language through dialogue, song, role-play, books and written activities. They learn about culture through stories, activities and multi-media. We are lucky to currently have a native speaker, Nenek Poppy (Grandma Poppy) with us one day a week to help students with their learning. With access to an engaging range of physical and online resources, students gain an understanding of why it’s important to learn about neighbouring countries and develop an appreciation of other cultures, as well as our own.

Physical education
All students participate in our weekly physical education program and are introduced to a variety of developmentally appropriate sporting experiences.  With access to a wide range of equipment and great facilities including 2 hardtop courts, a football oval, an indoor swimming pool and an all-weather undercover area, students explore and discover new ways to be active, practice fundamental skills and develop teamwork capabilities.  PE is a positive environment where students are encouraged to strive to be their best.

We cater for the whole child:

Professional Learning Community (PLC)
We have strong PLC practices within our school, where teachers work collaboratively to improve the learning outcomes of all students. Teachers meet weekly to ensure your child is progressing and making growth in their learning. This means, whilst your child may have their classroom teacher, they also have the skills, knowledge and expertise of all teachers in their year level, working together, to improve the learning outcomes of your child.

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support
We use the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework to ensure a consistent approach to behavioural expectations across the school. As a SWPBS school, we place a strong emphasis on explicitly teaching expected behaviours and rewarding positive behaviours.

Boisdale Dance Group
The Boisdale Dance Group rehearse once a week and have performed at many community events.

Marimba Band
The school boasts 3 full size Marimbas as well as ukuleles and a myriad of other instruments. These form a unique band that perform at key events.

Bike Brigade
A fantastic bike repair program with 1:1 tuition from a range of volunteers. The renovated bikes are donated to charities. This program offers a practical hands on activity with a real sense of purpose. It also gives students the opportunity to connect with others in the community.

Pastoral Groups
Each Grade 5/6 student becomes a member of a pastoral group which meets once or twice a term. This provides students the chance to meet in small groups and form a relationship with a significant other adult.

All students at BCS are allocated a house team throughout their primary years. School houses foster teamwork, belonging, school spirit and encourage involvement in sports and other activities.  There are three houses at BCS.

Gardening Club
The school has a gardening club which operates at lunchtimes. Vegetables are grown, cooked and shared.

Annual Production
During 4th term a musical play is produced with up to 60 of the senior school students involved. These lively, often humorous plays teach students performance skills and help build self esteem and confidence.

School Sports
A range of school sports are held at BCS, with one main event occurring each term. Students participate in school house teams. Sports include swimming, cross country and athletics and successful students may go on to compete at a inter-school or regional level.

All BCS students participate in annual swimming and water safety programs (up to 10 lessons). This provides students with the knowledge and confidence to participate in aquatic activities.

Parent's and Friends Fundraisers
All are invited to join the thriving Parents and Friends of BCS group. The group meets once a month and is active in organising and supporting extra curricular activities such as the school disco, sausage sizzles and major fundraisers. In 2022, the main school fundraiser will be held in Term 4.

Student Leadership
Student Leadership is viewed as an essential skill and students have many options to show this leadership as they go through the school. Examples of these are Yr 6 kindergarten visits, Junior School Council, School and House Captain positions and Bus Captains

A wide variety of excursions and incursions are offered to support and enhance classroom learning. These include sport clinics, artistic performances as well leaving the school for educational learning that is linked to the classroom theme. In 2022, the following events are planned: visit the Melbourne Zoo and Gippsland Art Gallery, multiple sports clinics, Robotics incursion, Dance incursion and more.

Camps are currently offered at the Grade 3 -6 level and include a bush camp and a city camp. These school camps offer students the experience of learning independent living skills while being involved in activities away from school and home.

Our Staff

Principal (Acting):
Lionie Armitage

Vice Principal:
Belinda Marshall

Business Manager:
Robyn Ryan

Melinda Barton
Vickie Nikolajew

Education support:
Amber Stewart
Stacey Powell
Kate McKenzie
Cheryl Howson

Teaching Staff

Learning Specialist:
Literacy - Leonie Armitage
Maths - Belinda Howard

Senior Team:
Mick Roberts
Eliza Rowley


Middle Team:
Melissa Glover
Alison Robertson
Kara Ross
Kaysha Rawson

Junior Team:
Melanie Smyth
Megan de Wys
Michelle Boyd
Jessica Mackay
Belinda Howard
Harriet English
Brittany Booker

Reading Recovery:
Stacey Powell

LOTE Indonesian:
Fleur Stone

Claire Martin

Brigitte Koeninger

Emily Porter
Belinda Marshall

Student Wellbeing:
Mark Churchill