Prep Support Class
Nurturing your child’s first steps into their school life


Prep Support Class overview

Boisdale Consolidated School provides families the opportunity to enrol their children into one of two Prep programs. In addition to the mainstream program, a Prep Support Class is also on offer.


Who is the Prep Support Class for?

The Prep Support Class is pre-dominantly suited for children who turn five between the months of January and April. The program is designed to support the learning of children in their first year of schooling who are:

  • School-aged but are still quite young and may not be ready for the traditional rigours of schooling.
  • School-aged but may be developmentally suited to learning through play and exploration.
  • In need of additional support to further develop their oral language, communication and social skills.



How is the Prep Support Class different to other Prep classes?

The Prep Support Class program is an oral language and play based program which supports children to further develop their fine and gross motor skills. Literacy and numeracy is predominantly taught through explorative play and investigation. More traditional aspects of literacy and numeracy are introduced to the program throughout the year as students demonstrate a readiness for this type of learning.



Other aspects of the program include:

  • Smaller class size (capped at 15)
  • Participation in whole-school activities including cooking, swimming, incursions/excursions and assemblies
  • Participation all specialist programs which include: Physical Education, Art, Music and Indonesian
  • On-going monitoring and assessment of achievement and progress, guided by the Victorian Curriculum



How do I know if the Prep Support Class is right for my child?
Talk with your child’s kindergarten teacher or speak with our staff to find out more about the program. For further information contact the Principal on 5145 4391.