Enrolment At Boisdale Consolidated School
Including the Prep Transition Program

As a parent, choosing the right Primary School for your child is a critical decision whether your child is starting school from Kinder or moving to a new Primary School. Some frequently asked questions are listed below to make this process easier to understand.

Can I visit the school?

Boisdale has an Open Door Policy and you are welcome to come and visit at a time that suits you.
Phone 5145 4391 for more information.

How do I find out bus information?

There are four buses that service the school: Tinamba, Llowalong, Coongulla and Maffra. The buses travel through these districts, stopping at many key places to collect students.
The bursars in the office have maps and locations and will be happy to work out the most suitable stop for you.

How do I enrol my child?

Enrolment packs are available from the School Office at any time of the year. However in second term (early May) an Open Day will also be advertised where you can visit the school, enjoy a tour and ask questions. Packs are also available from this time onwards.

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How old does my child need to be before they can attend school?

Your child needs be at least 4 years and 8 months old on the 1st of January.

What immunisations will be needed?

The Department of Health requires that all students have a School Entry Immunisation Certificate and this can be issued after your child has completed the 4 year old vaccine schedule. This certificate is available from ACIR:1 800 653 809

How will I know if my child is ready for school?

Talking to your child’s Kindergarten teacher is the most reliable way to be sure. They will have the best evidence of your child’s academic and social maturity for school.

What is the Foundation Transition Program?

The Foundation Transition program is a series of 4 visits where your child will attend school to experience being in the classroom and enjoy some of the specialist sessions, such as music and art, that are offered at the school.

Each session is progressively longer, so that the 4th session offers a full school day in December.

Below is the 2017 Transition program as an example. You will note 4 parent information sessions are also held on these days.

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What is the First Steps program?

The foundation year is the first year of school for any student (previously known as prep). Boisdale will offer two streams of foundation a regular foundation class and a First Steps Foundation class. Children must turn 5 by the 30th of April the year they start school.
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What other Documents will I need to enrol my child at school?

The school will require a birth certificate, full immunisation certificate (available from ACIR 1 800 653 809) and completed school enrolment form.

What is the Buddy program?

Each Prep student is buddied with a Grade 6 student to help smooth their transition. They will be involved in a variety of buddy activities and where possible, will travel on the same bus as their buddy. The program offers a sense of security and provides the students with an older person, other than a teacher, to connect with at school.

What can I expect in the first few weeks of school?

Listed below are some key information points to assist with your child’s first few weeks.

  • Your child will have Wednesday at home until the week of the Labour Day holiday ( 2nd week of March)
  • Your child will be able to enjoy a lunch order at school on Thursday and Friday from our canteen which offers delicious and healthy food choices of hot
    and cold food.
  • Three parent Information sessions are offered
    How will my child learn to read?
    How will my child learn to write and spell?
    How will my child learn maths?
    With a fourth evening session offered to cover all three topics for parents who cannot make it during
    the day.
  • A welcome BBQ with entertainment by the older  students is held usually in week 3 of the term - a great chance to meet other families in the school
  • A prep / parent interview session to discuss how your child has settled and the opportunity to ask questions is held in week 4.
  • A parent help program in the classroom is offered later in Term 1 where you can visit each week and be a part of your child’s classroom, assisting with a wide
Enrolment Form

Download an Enrolment Form

Is Boisdale the right school for my child?
ABSOLUTELY!  We offer a fully comprehensive education which incorporates our strong value centred approach, in an idyllic country setting. Small grade sizes in modern classrooms with a heated swimming pool and amazing grounds provide the best the district has to offer.

But ... the best way to be sure is to come and see for yourself!