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This Parent Information Page is designed to offer links to information about some common areas of need for
parents. The links are from a variety of websites found on the internet. If there are other topic areas that
would be useful for you to know about, please contact the school and we will research them for you.

Helping your child to learn
Boisdale recognises that parents play a significant role in helping their child’s learning. Much of this learning
happens at home. These links offer useful activities and tips for helping with a wide range of learning at home.
5 Ways To Help Your Child Succeed in School
24 Ways You Can Make a Difference

Head lice
Head lice checks are conducted regularly each term to help reduce the incidence of these pests. This link
offers valuable information about how they breed and ways to prevent and treat them.
Treating Head Lice

Parenting Information
Discipline at home can be a minefield as children can present many forms of difficult behaviour. This link
offers information on the types of behaviour you may see at home and ways to best approach dealing with

Boisdale actively deters all forms of bullying and has a policy to prevent it happening. This link offers
information about bullying for parents. However, we strongly urge parents to seek advice and help from the
school as soon as bullying is suspected.
Parent Information
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