Student Leadership
Student leadership is actively encouraged at Boisdale through a variety of roles and responsibilities.

School Captains and Vice Captains
Two Grade 6 Students are nominated by students and staff, for the position of School Captains with Grade
5 students offering a support role as vice captains.
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David Keil, Principal, with student leaders.
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Other significant roles
Other significant leadership roles that our students can be involved in are House Captains and Bus Captains.
The school has four houses: Red House, Gold House, Green House and Blue House. Captains for these
houses are appointed by the student body.

Bus Captains play a pivotal role on the buses by monitoring student behaviour, helping to solve problems
and reporting any issues once the journey is complete.

Junior School Council
Our Grade 3 -6 students volunteer for selection onto the Junior School Council. This Council represents the
student body at meetings, discussing issues that directly concern all students. They report back directly to
School Council on a monthly basis. Their role also includes fundraising for a sponsored child living in the
Philippines, as well as supporting other Australian charities.

Student leadership for younger students
This is encouraged through “monitor roles” within each classroom as well as taking on the job of collecting
the eggs and feeding the chooks once a term.

Students are also involved in an assembly presentation once a term.