First Steps Foundation
The school aims to provide a well rounded education, with the philosophy that all students should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential in a challenging, yet safe environment. Our strong values  underpin all aspects of the school programs and activities.

Boisdale Consolidated School is proud to offer:
Visual Arts in a fully equipped art studio with some of the best views in Gippsland. This comprehensive program offers clay, painting, collage, drawing and the opportunity to study art through Sale Art Gallery extension programs and to enter art competitions.

Music with Jenny Candy in a large well equipped music area encompassing vocal training through song and music production using a large range of instruments.
Instrumental program: the school also offers private musical tuition in guitar with Steve Castles and  piano, trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, saxophone and singing lessons with Jenny Shultz .

Learning Indonesian at Boisdale.  The program offers students the opportunity to learn Indonesian and enjoy the rich culture.

A fully inclusive program that includes:
Reading Recovery
Aimed at Grade 1 students, Reading Recovery targets students who, after their first year at school, require assistance with literacy skills. This program operates 4 mornings a week for half an hour each student.

Literacy and Numeracy support for Grade 2- 6 students
Literacy and Numeracy assistance is available for small groups and individual students who require extra Literacy and Numeracy support.


We Cater For The Whole Child
Extra Curricular  
Extra Curricular programs are those that are offered outside of the regular classroom environment. At Boisdale, these form an extensive range that caters for a wide range of students and their interests.

Foundation/Grade 6 Buddy Program
A buddy program operates for the new foundation students. Grade 6 students are trained to support the new preps as they enter school. They become a significant person in the prep students transition from Kinder to school.

Bike Brigade
A fantastic bike repair program with 1:1 tuition from a range of volunteers. The renovated bikes are donated to charities.
This program  offers a practical hands on activity with a real sense of purpose. It also gives students the opportunity to connect with others in the community.

Marimba Band
The school boasts 3 full size Marimbas as well as ukuleles and a myriad of other instruments.
These form a unique band that perform at key events.

Boisdale Dance Group
The Boisdale Dance Group rehearse once a week and have performed at many community events.

Pastoral Groups
Each Grade 5/6 student becomes a member of a pastoral group which meets once or twice a term. This provides students the chance to meet in small groups and form a relationship with a significant other adult.

Annual Production
During 4th term a musical play is produced with up to 60 of the senior school students involved.
These lively, often humorous plays teach students performance skills and help build self esteem and confidence.

Gardening Club
The school has a gardening club which operates at lunchtimes. Vegetables are grown, cooked and shared.

The school has been proud to have netball teams compete in the Saturday morning competitions in Sale for the last 9 years. Girls train at school.

Gymnastic skills are taught at the Maffra Gymnastics club during term 4. This is a great opportunity for the students to use these first class facilities.

Student Leadership
Student Leadership is viewed as an essential skill and students have many options to show this leadership as they go through the school. Examples of these are Yr 6 kindergarten visits, Junior School Council, School and House Captain positions and Bus Captains

Inner Health Outer Beauty
Inner Health Outer Beauty is a self esteem and body image program specifically for Grade 6 girls and the Youth Excel program offers Boys Ed for Grade 6 boys.

A wide variety of excursions and incursions are offered to support and enhance classroom learning. These include Artistic performances as well leaving the school for educational learning that is linked to the classroom theme.

Camps are currently offered at the Grade 3 -6 level and include a bush camp at Lakewood Park, a city camp in Melbourne and Canberra. These school camps offer students the experience of learning  independent living skills while being involved in activities away from school and home.

Kitchen Garden Program
In 2015 the school saw the completion of a major project to fit a student kitchen into the school so that all students could learn essential nutrition and cooking skills.

This was achieved through an incredible amount of hard work, commitment and dedication by families, students, the school community, staff members and other community groups.

Altogether, $35 000 was raised to complete a 3 station kitchen within the existing library. Other redundant rooms were renovated to accommodate a rehousing of a variety of resources to enable the “library space” to be used for both the kitchen and library.

The completion of the kitchen is a milestone in the school’s history and harks back to the early consolidation days when home economics also dictated a kitchen in the school for Years 7-10 students to use.

What Does The Boisdale Consolidated School Kitchen program Achieve?

The Boisdale School Kitchen program achieves many outcomes for students, staff and the broader community. Some of these are listed below and are directly linked to the School Strategic Plan and the Annual implementation Plan, which provide specific direction and goals for the school and the community.

1. Students will be fully engaged with their own learning.

2. Taking part in the Program reinforces their academic learning across all curriculum areas via the rich  
    medium of the garden and kitchen spaces.

3. The program will change the way children approach and think about food by having them participate in 
    hands-on gardening and cooking classes, giving them the skills and understanding they need to enjoy 
    a lifelong, positive relationship with food that extends to the family and school community.

4. Students will enjoy the far-reaching benefits of pleasurable food education. These benefits include
    engagement of reluctant learners, increased social skills, teamwork and self-esteem in your students.

5. Students will gain access to a growing national community of schools with a shared vision.

6. The school’s program hopes to develop a benefit from a shared commitment to addressing childhood

7. Develop an enjoyment of a shared learning environment with community involvement by the entire  
    school community.

Curriculum Programs and Extra Curricular Activities
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First Steps Foundation
Nurturing your child’s first steps into their school life

First Steps Foundation overview
The foundation year is the first year of school for any student (previously known as prep). Boisdale will offer two streams of foundation a regular foundation class and a First Steps Foundation class. Children must turn 5 by the 30th of April the year they start school.
The alternative First Steps foundation program acts as a relevant entry point and gives students and opportunity to develop and mature in a supportive environment. It caters for a range of needs and covers all aspects of the foundation year curriculum through a combination of hands on child centred activities and teacher directed learning. The program will focus on school readiness and a base understanding of all whole school approaches to literacy and numeracy.

When will the program operate?
The program will begin in January 2018 and operate during regular school hours and integrate fully with all other whole-school programs and strategies including Music, LOTE, the Kitchen and Garden Programs, School Sports, excursions and incursions. The program will be located in the junior school building with the other junior classes.

Is my child suitable?
The program could be suitable for children who are:
•  On the younger side of the school age (January to April birthdays)
•  School age but developmentally suited to learning best through investigation
•  Likely to benefit from the flexibility of spending 2 years to complete the Foundation curriculum
•  Ready for 5 days a week of school but not yet ready for a traditionally structured classroom
•  Experiencing fine motor coordination difficulties
•  Experiencing delayed language development
•  Experiencing social and emotional behaviour difficulties

What is the learning philosophy behind the program?
It will:
•  Utilise “Walker Investigative Learning” philosophies Read More
•  Be guided by the Victorian Curriculum outcomes
•  Be dynamic and child-led
•  Offer opportunities to explore the areas of literacy and numeracy through a hands on approach
•  Provide teacher directed learning and activities at students levels
•  Have a strong emphasis on social and emotional development

What will my child learn?
Literacy and Numeracy focusses will be introduced to the students through hands on self-exploration and then further developed through teacher directed activities. The first steps curriculum will also follow all whole school approaches along with the rest of the school.
•  Teaching and Learning Plan Boisdale Consolidated School

Literacy whole school approach
•  THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills)
•  VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation)
•  Reading: Daily 5 and Café approach

Numeracy whole school approach 
•  Introduction to rotations
•  Problem solving and hands on approach
•  4 Pillars of Maths: Understanding, Fluency, Reasoning, Problem Solving 

What will happen at the end of 2018?
•  Students in the program, may progress to the Foundation class or Year 1, after their First Steps program. This will be dependent on their development and individual needs, as their foundation year unfolds. This will be a collaborative decision between families and staff.
•  This program will be unique in the Maffra and District catchment area therefore we will understand and support children to attend BCS for one year only if this best suits their needs.