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Issue 14 - School Open Day

News From The Principal -

Dear Families,

Issue 14 - School Open Day
School Open Day

Our school open day and Prep information night is not far away, next week in fact on Thursday, 26th May! Please continue to spread the word to prospective families so they can come and see our kids shine in their classrooms between 9:30-10:30am. The welcome address and school tour start at 9am in the Multipurpose Room and the Prep information session is at 6pm. We will be holding another Prep information session on 9th August for those who can’t make this one.

School Council was held on Tuesday evening. We have a very dedicated group of people who are governing behind the scenes to improve and support our school and I would like to thank them all for their input so far. Part of the evening was set aside in preparation for the principal’s position to be advertised in the very near future.

School Assembly

Assembly on Monday morning was a great success. This change of day and time will enable us to set up the week in a positive way. Ms Robbo and I put on a little skit for the students based on RESPECT. We hope to continue these role play scenarios to send strong messages to our students about how our choice of behaviour impacts others. Families and friends are welcome at this new time of 9am on Monday mornings.

School Fees

During our meeting it came to light that around only 25% of our school community has paid their school fees. School fees have never been compulsory, but in the past schools were allowed to send invoices and reminders to parents. We are no longer allowed to do this, which is possibly why we have seen a decline in payment of this year’s fees. The school fees charged supply students with the resources they need to do their learning. We usually have around 80 to 90% of families pay their fees. If you have forgotten or aren’t sure if you have paid, please contact the office on 5145 4391. A payment plan is always available if you need to spread the cost over time.

Exciting Events Coming Up

There are some exciting events coming up in the near future including a trip to the Zoo for our Prep-2 students, AFL clinics, a soccer clinic, Somers Camp for Tamara and Boyd, a student disco and an event just for grownups – the trivia night! Look out for details on all these events on FB and in the newsletter.

Kindest of regards,

Mrs Armitage

Acting Principal


School Council Members:

Jenna White, Jess Rae, Mick Daly, Leesa Brideson, Emma Daymond, Abby Meredith, Elspeth Lukjanov, Kelly Willis, Melissa Glover, Belinda Howard and Belinda Marshall.

School Council President: Tracey Harper Parents & Friends President: Bridie Heinrich

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